Facebook for Business – Five Tips for Success


The Challenge

Facebook for Business has become a “pay to play” landscape, so you must invest in your page to maximize reach and engagement (number five on the list), but before you do, use these five top tips to optimize your page and ad content to get the best return on investment.

The Recipe

1.Optimize Your Page: BUILD. BRAND. CONNECT.

A. Use images or custom graphics (according to recommended specs) for cover and profile images. Be sure they are consistent with your brand. Here are some creative tools and tips.
B. Complete all company information in the About section (under Page Info). This optimizes the page for the Facebook landscape and ad campaigns. (The “brief description” is what is displayed when you choose to Promote the Page.)
C. Connect with other non-competitive brands by liking other pages as your page.

2.Use Hashtags and Tags Strategically to Enhance Engagement. 

A. A tag is a social mention, and is used for engagement. When you tag another page, the page owner will receive a notification giving them a chance to like, comment or share.
B. Why hashtags? Hashtags create automatic links that can be used for social listening – to develop, enhance and track conversations and to engage with the Facebook community. Hashtags should be creative, brief and related to your brand.
– Tip: Limit Hashtags to about three per post, unless you’re commenting on something that’s trending and related to your brand and hashtag strategy.
– Tip: To see what hashtags are trending, in the Facebook search bar, enter a hashtag you’re interested in using. A list of pages using this hashtag will be displayed allowing you to “listen” and join the conversation by adopting and sharing relevant hashtags and adding your own.

3.Use (and Share) Images and Custom Graphics.

A. Images should be of good quality and support the message.
They should also be yours, or others that adhere to copyright law.
B. Sharing images from like-minded brand pages allows you to join the conversation.
C. Custom graphics reflect your brand, style, message or call to action in a unique and authentic way.
– Tip: Images should be your own authentic images, or “free-use” images. Copyright protection exists for images or art created by others. If you want to use it, ask permission to share with attribution, or buy the rights to use it.
– Tip: Recommended size is 600 x 600 pixels.

4.Use (and Share) Video to Inspire, Inform, Entertain, Persuade and Move to Action.

A. Brief video is most powerful and more likely to be shared.
B. The Power of Video: In less than one second, research shows lift across brand awareness, message association and ad recall. 
C. Video can be traditional, animated or pictorial – be creative and strategic.
– Tip: Optimal video length is between one and three minutes.
– Tip: Here’s a Video resource for your Facebook business page.
– Tip: SMB’s are using animated video more than ever because it’s powerful, cost effective, engaging and fun, and can include both music and a great message.
– Tip: Video is a great way to educate, inform and inspire.
– Tip: Sometimes, a brief video is a great way to say thank you! See this great example.

5.(Which is really #1) Invest in Your Page to Maximize Reach and ROI. #yay

A. Any investment will result in lift in both organic and paid reach.
B. Promote the Page, Promote the Website and Boost the Post options are a great place to start: Affordable, targeted, effective and flexible.
C. Use Calls to Action selectively based upon your goals and objectives.
– Tip: Here is a resource to help you get started.
– Tip: Here is a video to show you how to use the Facebook for Business ad targeting function.

ALWAYS ASK: What do you want people to know? What do you want them to do? And, then tailor your efforts and message accordingly.

Copyright 2015,  Tracy L. Teuscher, APR.  Teuscher is an Accredited communication professional and president of The Buzz Maker Public Relations. 


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