Got Pins? The Magical World of Pinterest for PR


I’ve always thought of Pinterest as a magical world of ideas and idea sharing. If it’s different, creative, fun and photo worthy, I can likely find it on Pinterest. Unlike its visual social sister, Instagram, if PR strategy hinges on engaging women in visually fun, meaningful and strategic ways, Pinterest is the place to be.

  1. Women Rule Pinterest

Social Times reported that about 80 Percent of Pinterest’s 70 million users are women. #girlpower

  1. Pinning is Sharing so Share Your Pinterest

Pinterest is all about idea sharing, so as women, we feel right at home hanging out awhile and rocking the Pins. Recent research shows that a whopping 92 percent of all Pins are shared by women.

So, how do we “Rock the Pin” as entrepreneurs or solopreneurs? First, take advantage of Pinterest’s Smart Feed algorithm by Pinning regularly – between 5 and 30 times a day – afternoon to evening.

If it makes sense, add a Pin It button to the website. The Pin It button allows you to Pin something from the website to Pinterest that links back to the website. (For a “how to”, visit the Widget Builder.)

Be sure to share your Pinterest account on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, too. Sharing begets sharing, and when you do, you’ll typically see a measurable engagement lift across all platforms. #pinningissharing

  1. Measure and Share On

To gather audience insights and support for ROI, use Pinterest analytics to learn more about what your audience likes, where they went, and what’s trending including what has been Pinned the most.

Pinterest for Business offers a nice video primer on this. You can even download an Analytics Guide. Pinterest analytics are neatly organized into Profile, Your Audience and Website categories making it easy to review, evaluate and, yes, share.

One of our favorites? The Interests section – this shows us a visual display of interest areas giving us even more ideas about what we can Pin to support our communication and engagement strategy, and resonate nicely with the audience. Also, keep an eye out for new tools like these that allow you to publish content from Squarespace sites to Pinterest and gather data about the traffic Pins are driving to the site. #shareon

Copyright, 2015, Tracy L. Teuscher, APR, President of The Buzz Maker! Public Relations. 


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