Going Mobile – PR and the Mobile World

I attended the YouToo Social Media Conference a few weeks ago, and heard a number of incredible speakers including Kyle Lacy. Kyle had a great hammer of a message for us PR folks about the advent of technology that has opened the door for mind bending and expansive mobile capability, and the incredible speed at which our culture and much of the world has embraced the new mobile world.

“The World’s My Home When I’m Mobile”

We have become part of the dawn of the smart phone revolution, and frankly we all freakin’ love it. I couldn’t help but recall the immortal  words of The Who, “Out in the woods, or in the city, it’s all the same to me when I’m driving free…the world’s my home when I’m mobile.”

Our phones have become our miniature mobile offices and we can use them for just about everything from alarm clocks to research centers. We can browse, email, Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog and IM from just about any location and this has redefined the office.

How does this impact the field of communications?

For communications professionals, this is an incredible opportunity to connect, build relationships, communicate, listen and learn. Once we identify our publics and key stakeholders, and clearly define our goals and objectives, we can communicate with pretty much anyone, anywhere, at any time and in their preferred communication format, and we can also listen and learn.

Never before has the communications profession been offered such an incredible opportunity to really connect with people on an emotional level and tap into a two-way communication process that is valuable. Relationships. Yes, brothers and sisters, it’s still all about relationships. Now there are 4.6 billion cell phone users, and mobile web access is expected to exceed desktop web access within the next five years. As communications professionals, we are inevitably “going mobile”. Think about it!

Copyright, Tracy Teuscher, 2010.


2 thoughts on “Going Mobile – PR and the Mobile World

  1. Thank you for this post. This has been my vision as well and I have been working on it for a couple of years, mostly focusing on the music industry but now opening the concept to all industries who need a web presence. Please take a look at my work by visiting http://www.whenimmobile.com from a computer, but more importantly, from a web-enabled mobile device. Would love to have a conversation with you about this at your convenience.

    Jonathan Thaler
    Founder, When I’m Mobile

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