Honesty – The True Grit of PR

Honesty and the Code of Ethics

The centerpiece of every other part of the professional code of ethics, honesty is the true grit of public relations practice. Those of us that adhere to this code of ethics embrace what the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) calls the highest standards of accuracy and truth. In so doing, we elevate honesty to its rightful place. Stemming from honesty are all other important elements of our professional code of ethics.

Making Honesty and Ethics the Foundation of the Work

By making honesty the foundation of my work, I simultaneously fulfill my commitment to ethically inform, to serve the public good, to provide a voice in the marketplace and contribute to informed public debate, to provide objective counsel, to avoid omission, to preserve the integrity of the communications process, to promote respect among PR professionals, to set an example for others, and to enhance to the profession as a whole. When I do this as a constant exercise, I am continually grounding myself in the stuff that makes me a better professional and a better consultant, not to mention a better citizen, a better leader, a better mother, a better daughter, and a better friend. I become someone worthy of trust – a standout quality in the business world today – making me the kind of professional that people want to do business with.

Honest = Trustworthy

Making honesty the core principal of my professional life is good for business and helps me to overcome the storm of perpetuated perception of the public relations professional as doctor of spin and misinformation, and to attract clients and partners that share this value system. Now, that’s good PR! Think about it!

Copyright 2009, Tracy L. Teuscher, APR, The Buzz Maker! LLC


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